Hello, Android Codelabs

The Hello, Android Codelabs (Android Application Development Training)

BongoHive will host the Hello, Android Code Labs to introduce mobile application development for the Android platform.

Attendees will learn the basics of the Android platform, skills for creating and deploying Android applications, and gain an understanding of the application lifecycle. By the end of the course, attendees will be able to write applications with GUI and use the built-in widgets and components of Android.

The training will be held every Saturday from 2pm – 5pm, beginning 22nd of December and will run for 11 weeks.


Basic programming knowledge is required. The language used for Android application development is Java. Experience in Java is not a requirement but will be of benefit to the developer.

To register, attendees are required to describe the application they wish to build.


By the end of this course, Developers will be able to

  • Write applications with GUI
  • Use the built-in widgets and components of Android
  • Create great, user friendly mobile applications

Curriculum for the Training can be downloaded here:

Android CodeLabs Curriculum

Register here: