Innovation Consulting Unpacked

‘A company that does not innovate is at risk of becoming irrelevant, reducing its productivity, losing customers and ultimately going out of business.’

These are the words of Anna Walkowiak, Senior Business Advisor and Business Model Innovation Lead with BDC Advisory Services in response to the question of why Innovation was important. 

In this article, we shine a spotlight on our Innovation Unit as we delve into their service offerings through the use of Design Thinking methodologies to help organizations and corporations solve complex problems. 

In this article, we highlight the bespoke services that BongoHive Consult’s Innovation Unit offers to corporates and organizations looking to solve complex challenges. Our Innovation Unit is an experienced innovation team that supports organizations to solve big challenges by reaching cutting-edge problems by leveraging Design Thinking methodologies. 

What is Design Thinking?

Design Thinking aims to understand user and/or customer needs, reframe the problem in a user-centric way, generate several possible solutions through ideation and brainstorming techniques, and test out ideas through prototyping thus helping you stay ahead and thrive in the market. 

*A study by McKinsey, one of the world’s largest management consulting firms, revealed that companies that use Design Thinking approaches regularly experience a third higher revenue and 56% higher returns than those that do not.

As BongoHive Consult, we offer the following Innovation Consulting services in an effort to help you build viable products and services that your customers will love.

User Research: BongoHive focuses on ensuring that there is a comprehensive understanding of the target audience by delving into the needs, desires, and challenges of end users and/or customers. This helps ensure that the final product or service meets the specific needs and desires of the end users leading to improved user experience, increased customer satisfaction and ultimately business success. 

Problem Identification and Refining: This phase allows us to gain a deeper understanding of the core problem or opportunity from the user’s perspective. By reframing the issue based on the challenge or opportunity, we uncover valuable insights that might have been overlooked. We focus on empathising with the users and understanding their pain points to tailor the solutions that meet their specific needs. This increases the likelihood of products and services that are created to resonate with the target audience and drive user satisfaction.

Idea Development: Our approach fosters a thinking mindset that encourages the generation of multiple ideas through ideation, brainstorming and creative thinking techniques, exploring different possibilities and ideating potential solutions without limitations. This approach promotes innovation and unlocks new possibilities for problem-solving and solution development.

Training: BongoHive Consult Innovation Unit’s training programs focus on participants’ problem-solving abilities and fostering a culture of innovation. By engaging participants in hackathons, sprints, and co-creation workshops, BongoHive enables them to tackle real-world challenges that impede business growth. The structured and collaborative nature of the training encourages creative thinking, idea generation, and testing of potential solutions. Participants acquire practical skills and methodologies, such as design thinking which can be applied to drive innovation and overcome obstacles within organisations or startups.

Innovation Audit: An innovation audit is a comprehensive assessment that aims to evaluate an organization’s innovation capabilities, processes and strategies. By offering this service, BongoHive Consult helps clients gain valuable insights into their innovation capabilities and provides a roadmap for enhancing their innovation performance. Through tailored recommendations and a focus on continuous improvement, the audit enables organisations to optimise their innovation processes, foster a culture of innovation, and gain a competitive edge in their respective industries.

Innovation Challenge: This is a strategic approach adopted by BongoHive that nurtures innovation, empowers entrepreneurs and promotes collaboration. Through a structured platform for ideation, BongoHive seeks to engage individuals, startups and organisations in solving real-world problems. By leveraging innovation, we encourage participants to think outside the box and identify transformative concepts that have the potential to reshape respective industries and create a significant competitive advantage.

Design Sprints: By exploring multiple possibilities and engaging in structured ideation, BongoHive conducts design sprints with the aim of driving innovation, problem-solving and rapid prototyping, a technique used in the design and development process to quickly create tangible representations of a product or service. Design sprints prioritize user research and empathy, to understand the needs, preferences, and pain points of the target audience. By gaining these insights, design sprints ensure that the solutions are tailored to meet user needs, deliver an enhanced user experience and uncovers innovative solutions that address the identified problem.

Co-creation: By definition, co-creation is the process of including customers and/or end users of a product or service in the ideation phase of the product development process. Customers are invited to contribute, to share their stories, their ideas and to refine as well as prioritize the ideas shared by others in a systematic multi-step process. Through our Innovation Consulting services, we co-create solutions with our clients leveraging on their unique business perspectives to create products and services that their customers love. 

Design Cafe: Experience the transformative power of Design Thinking with BongoHive’s exclusive Design Cafe; an ideal learning session for your office or an engaging activity during a corporate strategy workshop. The Design Cafe serves as an inspiring platform that not only sparks creativity but also ignites active participation. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to discover how to effectively apply Design Thinking principles within your organization. 

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