Insaka with Miyanda Maimbo | April 21st

Miyanda Maimbo, Chief Executive Officer & Executive Business Coach at Prosoft Group of Companies leads the conversation at this month’s Insaka on the 21st of April at BongoHive. Click here to reserve your seats.

Prior to starting her own group of companies, Miyanda worked for 8 years in the Courier and Communications industry. She quit a well-paying job with all its perks to start her own business. She went through serious financial challenges initially but eventually became a successful entrepreneur whose businesses cut across many industries including human resource consulting, events management, retail (health and beauty solutions), property management, media and communications.

For more than 10 years, Miyanda has earned a reputation for providing skilled and practical guidance as a business consultant with a heavy incline towards human resource management. She is a nationally recognized authority and has been given an award by the Zambian Institute of Human Resource Management for her contribution towards the development of human resource management in Zambia.

Miyanda has a wealth of expertise for executives, professionals and the business community in human resource management, recruitment and selection, image consulting, résumé (Curriculum Vitae) designing, coaching and mentoring, personality profile assessments, executive Search, human resource articles for the print media, motivational and public speaking.

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