Member spotlight: Meet Katai Mwanza

 For this month’s member spotlight, we are excited to introduce Katai Mwanza, the founder of Heroic Marketing – a digital marketing consultancy company that specialises in marketing,  building mobile apps, and website applications.

Katai is no stranger to The Hive Coworking community, as he has been with us since 2023.

We recently had the opportunity to catch up with him as he highlighted his experiences at The Hive.

The location is fantastic, it gives me and my clients a sense of gravitas.”

He highlights that being in a vibrant yet professional atmosphere allows him to focus and indulge in his work.
The Hive’s constant power supply and fast internet is another feature that Katai highlights to be very important for his business, especially in light of the ladsheeding being experienced in the country. 
Having a private workspace allows Katai to customise his space in line with his preference, making him feel more productive and focused. What Katai values the most about being part of the Hive is the sense of community.

Being able to interact with friendly, great minds allows him to build relationships as well as learn new things that he can incorporate into his business is something he enjoys. “

We are thrilled to have Mr. Mwanza as a member of the Hive Coworking community, and we look forward to being a part of his business growth.

If you need a vibrant and dynamic workspace that fosters collaboration and innovation, join us at Hive Coworking today!