Member spotlight: Meet Mwansa Chalo Co-founder and CEO of Duniya Healthcare

In our Member Spotlight this month, we’re thrilled to feature Mwansa Chalo, Co-founder of Duniya Healthcare, a global healthcare logistics company dedicated to tackling the chronic inefficiencies in medicine supply chains across Africa. Mwansa has been an integral part of The Hive Coworking community for the past year, and we recently had the opportunity to catch up with him.

During our conversation, Chalo shared how being at Hive Coworking has positively impacted his productivity. As someone who thrives in an office environment, Chalo finds that being at The Hive allows him to focus solely on his work without the distractions commonly found when working from home. Despite engaging in remote work, Chalo firmly believes in the power of a dedicated office space to enhance his productivity levels.

What Chalo values most about being a part of the Hive community is its role as a hub for innovation. He has had the opportunity to interact with and collaborate with innovators from various backgrounds, fostering valuable networking opportunities that have enriched his entrepreneurial journey.

We’re proud to have Mwansa Chalo as a member of the Hive Coworking community, and we look forward to witnessing the continued success of Duniya Healthcare. If you’re looking for a dynamic workspace that fosters innovation and collaboration, join us at Hive Coworking today!