Project Innovate Hackathon

Saturday 1st at 09:00 am  to Sunday 2nd at 05:00 pm  February 2014

BongoHive in collaboration with the U.S. Peace Corps, will host the Project Innovate Hackathon. Over the 48 hour period an app will be brainstormed and developed to be used by the public. We are looking for people of all skill levels in programming and design. If you have no experience doing either, feel free to come and help with the brainstorming process or bring your idea for the next killer app. Food and beverage will be provided throughout the day.Hackathon

The theme for this hackathon will be apps that make the world a better place. We are looking for ideas to help people get access to medicine, make their communities a better place, help people to learn, or your great idea that we haven’t  thought of yet! Please bring your ideas and enthusiasm and we look forward to seeing you this weekend.

Register for the event here.