Team Tuesday- Chawanzi Ng`uni

At BongoHive, we are always excited when a new member joins the team! Today we shine a spotlight on one of our newest members under BongoHive Consult.

Hi, my name is Chawanzi Ng’uni and I am from Lusaka. I am an Intern Software Developer with BongoHive Consult.

I would describe myself as an ‘introverted-extrovert’, that is to say I am 70% introvert and 30% extrovert.

My day-to-day tasks at BongoHive consist of a stand-up meeting at 8am every day from Monday to Thursday, where the team catches up on previous day’s tasks, current day’s tasks and whether they need support from other team members to complete them. Afterwards, I prepare myself for the day, have breakfast and a cup of tea. I then continue working on the frontend of the current project. On some days I have sync-up meetings with my teammates and once a week I have demo meetings with clients. Fridays are called Investment Day, where the team spends the day relearning or learning new things, and different topics are shared by different people.

Chawanzi has an interesting story on how she found herself in tech. She actually started out in the world of engineering, however she soon realised that her natural love for building and creating things could also flourish in tech after attending Computer Science class at university.

What do I do outside of work? I like to take regular naps, binge watching stuff as well as reading and writing. I also listen to a lot of music, music literally carries me through the day.

Something I am proud of? I recently picked up painting and I like to look at artsy stuff too. 

During the weekends, I spend most of my time at church and I am part of the media team, specifically the visual aspect of media.

My favourite aspect about BongoHive is the work culture. It is very welcoming and I don’t have to dress formally, which was something I was really concerned about. Working remotely is also a huge plus, but when I do go to the Hive I enjoy how I can literally sit anywhere because I’m not limited to an office desk.  I can sit on the bean bags or the swing to get my work done. I also really like the fast internet.

Great to have you on the team Chawanzi!