Team Tuesday: Lenny Mumbi

Hi there, my name is Lenny Mumbi and I am the Acting Marketing and Communications Lead at BongoHive.

I would describe myself as ambitious, creative,  and extremely focused.

My roles at BongoHive entail overseeing and managing internal and external marketing and communications activities for the BongoHive group of companies.

My work requires that I ensure my team and I are ‘on top of things’ in terms of disseminating communications and marketing content on various platforms such as social media, the website, newsletters and events management. This means staying in close collaboration with team members from various departments within the organization and aligning with external clients to ensure that we are meeting expectations and deliverables.

My typical day at BongoHive begins with checking my mail and other internal communications platforms such as slack to have a sense of the day’s activities. I then have a scheduled daily standup meeting to align with team members regarding tasks and deliverables for the day.

What inspired me to choose my career path?

From an early age, I knew I would be in the communications field as I have always loved to read and write. My father has also played a profound role in shaping my desire to become a mass communicator through his unwavering support.

A fun childhood memory?

Growing up, I was quite the tomboy, so I remember spending a lot of play time climbing trees or simply perched on a branch reading a book.

My hobbies include reading (surprise, surprise), blogging and, out of interest, I am an Autism Advocate who is passionate about raising awareness on Autism Spectrum Disorder to create a more inclusive society for Autistic children in Zambia.

My favourite aspect about BongoHive is the constant opportunity for personal and professional development and growth through different tasks and learning platforms.

I appreciate the fact that I work with team members across the organisation who have a helpful and problem-solving mindset.

Every day at BongoHive is filled with opportunities to learn and expand one’s knowledge and capabilities, and that’s what I love about my job!