Team Tuesday: Lucas Mbewe

Meet Lucas, he works under the Marketing and Communications department as a Multimedia Creator. He is in charge of everything media-related at the organisation. He ensures that the company is represented well visually and he also helps other company employees to stick to the brand guidelines to give us a uniform look and feel.

His first day at BongoHive was characterised by the pleasantness of the environment.

 “My first day at BongoHive was when I went for my interview. I was met by one of my former colleagues, Mbuyu, who recognised me because we were friends on Facebook. It was interesting to see the environment and the aesthetics of the place, it felt so different from other organisations I had visited. To me, It felt more like a home that is open to anyone. It didn’t even take me long to adjust to the environment and it was also good to see a lot of young people.”

Lucas describes himself as a kind, empathetic, chilled and laid- back person. 

 “I am more afraid of you than you are of me, type of guy. For a long time,  people have described me as shy which is funny because I don’t think I am shy, but in a way, I understand why people would think I am. I am also a curious and imaginative person. My friends always tell me to write stuff down when I chat with them. Usually, I take a fictitious situation to a whole new level and people always make comments on how I overthink things.

Lucas has fond childhood memories of travelling with his family. 

“My most cherishable memory as a child is when my dad took us to his and my mum’s village. Surprisingly enough, I haven’t travelled much as an adult. I am mostly found in one place and people question how I manage my life as a photographer if I don’t explore.”

 Lucas’ activities away from work? He is still a Multimedia creator!

“My outside work activities are basically what I do at work. I design out ideas from my imagination. In fact, before I ever did any multimedia work, I used to draw cartoons that I watched and from there I got introduced to the other ways in which I could create art. I also do photography and I make custom Line Art.

When asked what his favourite aspect of work at BongoHIve is, Lucas had this to say:

“My role presents me several opportunities, I have worked with many other companies through BongoHive partnerships and I have participated in so many projects. These opportunities have taught me a lot of things and given me the opportunity to grow and improve my skills.”