Team Tuesday: Mareta Lindunda

Meet Mareta, the Marketing and Communications Lead at BongoHive. She supervises the marketing and communications team, as well as oversees internal and external communications at BongoHive.

A typical day for Mareta goes like this: “I usually check emails for recent communications that need responding to or opportunities to share with the team. In line with this, I also plan with the team on social media content and media work that is required for the next few days. I am also constantly checking on client project strategies to see how we are tracking our deliverables.

Mareta has been with BongoHive for about three years now. She shares what she finds fascinating about the organisation.

“I like working at BongoHive because we get to work on projects in various industries, through the application of tech, innovation or entrepreneurship based activities required for the project. One can learn more about specific topics, for example, the growth of fintech or climate change and its effect on local farmers. 

Mareta has been a great asset to the team. She has worked on various client projects delivering on marketing efforts. She is most proud of coordinating the production of Season 2 of the BongoHive Podcast. 

“It was very challenging to work on the podcast as I was assisting on other projects at the same time, but I had a lot of support and we got it done!”

Aside from work-related activities, Mareta has recently taken up an interest in plants and DIY projects.

“For some reason, spending more time at home (and my YouTube algorithm) made me want to have more greenery inside my house. So I’ve taken an interest in acquiring some plants that are easy to take care of. I have had a 50/50 success rate. I have also been experimenting a little with simple DIY home decor projects.”