Team Tuesday: Misozi Chisenga

Working with great minds to create viable solutions means we are constantly working with various partners on different projects. Meet Misozi, one of our team members helping us to meet deadlines as Project Coordinator.

Hi,  my name is Misozi Chisenga and I am from Lusaka. I recently joined BongoHive as a Project Coordinator.

I would describe myself as a friendly person who enjoys working and interacting with innovative minds.

My daily tasks at BongoHive begin with checking and updating tasks and work plans on Click Up regarding ongoing projects. I am actively involved with coordinating team members to ensure we are on track with project implementation. I am also constantly reviewing project processes or tools in order to see what needs to be changed or improved for operations to run more efficiently. My tasks further include supporting team members whenever they are overwhelmed and need an extra hand. 

My career path was mainly inspired by my mother who was passionate about administrative work. During the early years of my career, a colleague of mine exposed me to capacity building programs centred around entrepreneurs. I noticed how training made an impact on participants resulting in me developing an interest for training and managing capacity building programs.

What do I do outside of work? I like exploring nature and going to new places. I also enjoy spending time chatting with friends about intellectually stimulating topics and having motivating conversations.

Misozi shares that he has fond childhood memories playing a common Zambian game popularly known as (Chidunune).

Excited to have you on board Misozi!