Team Tuesday: Nchimunya Munyama

Hello there, my name is Nchimunya Munyama and I was born and raised in Livingstone.

I am an Innovations Intern at BongoHive.

I would describe myself as an introverted entrepreneur who has been a timid individual since childhood. I believe I am a resourceful and ambitious person who loves to find solutions to problems. As an agile introvert, I enjoy my solitude while working hard to achieve my goals.

Nchimunya shares that he has many cherishable memories from around the nineties when he was a child.

It was a thrilling period for us as kids as we witnessed the world becoming more modern and technological. I’ll always love those pens with ink, those nice-smelling erasers in all shapes and sizes, excellent ink erasers and the ultimate pen-pencils. I also miss those tasty 90’s chocolates and biscuits shaped like animals and birds.”

What constitutes your day -to-day tasks at BongoHive?

My day starts early, I begin by setting time to focus then proceed to go through my emails to ascertain my schedule and tasks for the day. I then focus on ongoing projects as required. Multitasking is a huge aspect in my team as we work autonomously with creativity playing a huge role.
I enjoy having some leeway in my schedule, as it enables me to be more responsive with my team members.

Nchimunya also adds that he usually tries to read one chapter of a book in a day as well as playing some notes on his guitar.

Outside of work, the guitarist has developed a writing skill which has led to his hobby of poetry ghostwriting. He shares that playing the guitar has become a way for him to express himself. Further, Nchimunya relays that he loves to travel, sightsee and globetrotting all of which he describes as forms of adventure.

Nchimunya explains that he was led to his career path from childhood when he enjoyed taking computers apart and figuring out how they work. This later led to his decision of choosing to pursue a MSc in Management Information Systems. Despite coming from a totally different profession in Forestry and Agriculture, he highlights that he still enjoyed learning new skills in the world of computers.

We are pleased to have you Nchimunya!