Team Tuesday: Raymond Hamena

We place great value on the entrepreneurs that we train and support to place them on a path for success. A big part of this process is ensuring we have team members who share the same passion. Meet Raymond, a team member passionate about growth!

My name is Raymond Hamena and I am an Entrepreneurship Intern with BongoHive.

I was born and bred in Siavonga and would describe myself as an enthusiast of knowledge with a strong passion for reading, teaching and exploring new ventures.

My day to day schedule at BongoHive begins at 8am with some days starting at 7am depending on activities for the day. Meetings comprise a huge portion of my day, however I enjoy these meetings as they help to outline my tasks for the day.

When asked what inspired his career choice, Raymond highlighted his passion for finance:

Honestly, I have tried many things but Financial Planning has stood out for me. I desire to help people become financially independent and that is why I teach financial literacy in my spare time pro-bono.

What do I do outside of work? I enjoy reading and teaching, right now I am reading a book called “Therapist”.

Raymond remembers a fond childhood memory that stands out to him for a rather humorous reason: I remember a specific moment in second grade when I was asked to spell the word, ‘Trypanosomiasis’ not knowing the spelling, I just knelt and attempted to write the word. Well, as you may imagine that incident did not turn out so well for me! 

My favourite aspect about BongoHive is that it provides a platform for immense growth through what may seem to be challenging learning methods. This has proved to be a great opportunity for me and it makes me both happy and grateful to be a part of the team at BongoHive.  

Great work Raymond, happy to have you with us!