Team Tuesday: Rhoda Kakoma

Hello, my name is  Rhoda Kakoma, an Economist by training whose hometown is Lusaka.

I am an Innovation Associate at BongoHive.

I would describe myself as a quick learner who is extremely tech-savvy.

My typical day at BongoHive includes providing recommendations, strategic and tactical plans to businesses and innovators based on business data and market knowledge. 

My work further entails creating specifications for reports and analyses based on business needs and data elements. I also work with other team members to provide innovation consultation to corporate clients and lead cross-functional teams to address business issues. 

Rhoda shares that she used to get frequent access to tech tools such as computer monitors, CPU’s and keyboards as a child which sparked her interest in technology. 

An interesting fact about Rhoda is that she is quite the sporty one!

Outside of work, I play volleyball as a Centre Middle Attacker in the Zambia National Volleyball league. 

She reveals that she chose to work for a Technology and Innovation Hub because she was inspired and motivated by how tech hubs educate and encourage new talent by inspiring new ways of thinking. 

She highlights that tech hubs provide a space where high-tech business growth can be accelerated and in turn bring prosperity to the community and the world at large.

We asked her what her favourite aspect of working at BongoHive is:

My favourite part of working at BongoHive is the open culture that puts people at the centre of work and allows all employees to be autonomous in the work that we do. 


Keep Soaring Rhoda!