Tweet Up Fundraiser

As an innovative tech space, BongoHive is committed to hosting events that encourage ideas that connect and inform people. What sets BongoHive apart from other tech hubs is our willingness to partner with and host events that encourage the sharing of ideas and connect inspired people.

C1RCA1964 is a newly founded, fast growing social media management and content creation agency that strives to connect imaginative, independent thinking Zambians via social media and their creative endeavours. C1RCA1964 came up with the idea of having a Tweet up Fundraiser on the 9th March 2013 that allowed them to support a cause they were passionate about and meet some of the great people that they had met online.

They are helping to raise funds for Catch Me I’m A Butterfly  which is a creative HIV prevention peer education project created by the team at Meet Mutsa. The Meet Mutsa team shall be coming to Zambia in March for the second delivery of their HIV prevention project.

The C1RCA1964 ladies, Mukuka Mayuka and Mazuba Kapambwe break down what their Tweet Up/Swap Shop Fundraiser is :

Tweet Up – Twitter Meet up | A group of friends on Twitter (social network) that are planning to meet up.

Fundraiser | A social event held to raise funds for a worthy cause

Swap Shop | You can exchange your unwanted clothing, shoes or accessories with someone else’s. Swap your way to a new wardrobe at little cost to you!

BongoHive is excited to be hosting the ladies and the team of Meet Mutsa but more importantly, we think this a great opportunity for Zambians from all creative fields to come together. The event will also have our very own  Asikana Network attending and they  will be joined by Zambian street style bloggers “Mafashio” who are on board to help with the Swap shop portion of the day.

To attend this event and not miss out, register via C1RCA1964’s Eventbrite page here.

Please remember  that  when you donate KR50 at the door for entry you can shop FREE for 3 items and also get FREE Cupcakes and drinks!

Contact C1rca1964 for more details |

Twitter | @C1rca1964

Email | c1rca {dot} 1964z {at} gmail {dot} com