Windows Application Acceleration Camp

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BongoHive is proud to open applications for the Windows Application Acceleration Camp (WAAC). The top 3 applications will be submitted to AppCampus, a prestigious accelerator in Finland. Successful candidates will have the opportunity to attend AppCademy, a two week intensive accelerator camp run by AppCampus. Candidates stand a chance to receive awards varying from 20.000, 50.000 to 70.000 Euros, depending on the complexity of the app.

WAAC is an initiative designed to help talented teams launch a successful mobile app or mobile game through the AppCampus program. Participants will be given the technical, business and financial support to help them build a great app for the Windows Phone Store.

To qualify for a WAAC event, your team must possess the following minimum set of skills:

i. Design. To build a great app, you need to be able to carefully plan the user experience and every detail of the interface.

ii. Mobile Development. You need someone who knows how to develop for Windows Phone 8/Windows 8.

iii. Business and marketing. We want to help you to build a business, not only an application. The team needs someone who can design a business model and implement a marketing campaign.

About the WAAC event

The WAAC event is a two day camp with approximately 10 teams participating. Agenda consists of pitching and mentoring sessions, AppCampus application submissions and 1:1 discussions. Teams attending need to be prepared to present their idea to mentors for feedback.

This event is free of charge, and successful applicants from outside of Lusaka will be provided with transport and accommodation refunds.

When is the WAAC event taking place?

23 – 24 May 2014

How can I attend the WAAC event?

Fill in this application form below  by 18 May 2014 and you will be notified by 20 May 2014


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MakerHut Mini Make-a-thon | Saturday April 26th 2014

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On 26th April, MakerHut will be having a mini Make-a-thon. What is a Make-a-thon? Simply, an event in which we work on projects 10014554_612938488783148_434342992284886247_ntogether and share with one another. The purpose of the event is to provide a opportunity for people to gain hands-on experience with electronics.

MakerHut will provide all the tools and components you’ll need to create your masterpiece: wire, microcontrollers, sensors, soldering iron, and more, including some prototyping software. And if you have any materials you’d like to tinker with, feel free to bring them too.

New to hardware? Not to worry. In the days leading up to make-a-thon, we’ll have an online forum where participants will form teams, share ideas, and drill down on projects. The forum will be in our instructables group, so please sign up on Instructables and join the group.
You can even start working on your ideas right now and complete or demo them at the Make-a-thon.

In addition, some of the projects we’ll be working on will be entered in some Instructables Contests: Sensor Contest  and Gadget Hacking and Accessories Contest.

Connect with MakerHut: Facebook Page | Twitter or Contact



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Javascript development day

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Hackers Guild, Bongohive’s programming group, is back with a bang. For the past two weeks, the tech hub was the place to be to learn about all things tech in captivating educational sessions by programmers from within and from outside Zambia. The first session was held from Monday 24th to Friday 28th March and taught Git(Version Control).

How do you bring together an eclectic mix of tech enthusiasts and web developers? By giving a JavaScript development day, of course! The session, which took place on Wednesday 9th April, covered the basics of programming in JavaScript as well as some fascinating applications.

IMG_4267The hub was thrilled to have Connor “James” Leech as our presenter for the day. James is a software developer who holds Degrees from the Universities of California and of Cape Town. He has been developing JavaScript applications for the last two years and is currently involved with Firebase (Firebase was one the applications he discussed during the Tech talk). Read more

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