Javascript development day

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Hackers Guild, Bongohive’s programming group, is back with a bang. For the past two weeks, the tech hub was the place to be to learn about all things tech in captivating educational sessions by programmers from within and from outside Zambia. The first session was held from Monday 24th to Friday 28th March and taught Git(Version Control).

How do you bring together an eclectic mix of tech enthusiasts and web developers? By giving a JavaScript development day, of course! The session, which took place on Wednesday 9th April, covered the basics of programming in JavaScript as well as some fascinating applications.

IMG_4267The hub was thrilled to have Connor “James” Leech as our presenter for the day. James is a software developer who holds Degrees from the Universities of California and of Cape Town. He has been developing JavaScript applications for the last two years and is currently involved with Firebase (Firebase was one the applications he discussed during the Tech talk). Read more

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Insaka with Irene Banda Mutalima | Tuesday April 15th 2014

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We are delighted to host Irene Banda Mutalima, Managing Director at TUCUZA Associates Limited, at this month’s Insaka on Tuesday 15th  from 06:00 pm to 19:30 pm. Register now to attend this exciting event.

543285463Irene is general manager of Financial Sector Deepening Zambia (FSDZ), a DFID funded project to expand financial inclusion in Zambia. She is also founder of TUCUZA Associates Ltd, a budding Zambian firm concerned with business development, coaching and mentoring of entrepreneurs and providing finance for viable businesses.

She is past Executive Director of ECLOF International, a global microfinance network based in Geneva Switzerland. She holds a banking, development studies, microfinance, cross-sector partnerships and theology qualifications, and is currently pursuing a Phd with Middlesex University, UK. She is a certified ILO microfinance management trainer. She has done microfinance assignments in Zambia, Malawi, Ghana and Uganda as Afrca Regional Director for Opportunity International, a Christian Global microfinance organisation headquartered in Chicago, USA.

Irene has served on several boards in Zambia, Ghana, Malawi, the UK, the USA and Switzerland. She has a passion for working with budding entrepreneurs and especially where this leads to addressing issues of poverty and business growth or exploiting evident opportunities. She is an entrepreneur at heart and a passionate Christian.

Look forward to seeing you at our next exciting event.

Be sure to register to attend.

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Otaku Movie Night and the Zambian Anime Scene

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So how do you like to spend your Sunday nights? Cringing at the thought of tomorrow’s Monday blues? Salvaging whatever you can from the last of your last happy hours? Or just lazing about?
Well, there’s a growing trend in the heart of Africa that’s bringing together an unconventional community: The African anime community.

From January, a young group of Zambians have been hosting one of the most interesting and retweetable events in the country: Otaku Movie Night.

So what happens on Otaku Movie Night? Once a week, a themed Japanese animation is chosen and anyone interested in taking part, wherever they may be, watches the movie at a synchronized time on Sunday night while talking about it on twitter with the appropriate hashtag.

The event was formed by quite a colorful bunch which includes college students, software developers, artists, entrepreneurs and popular Anime blogger and gamer - Dennis the Kidd. At the moment, participation is really extending out of the country and besides Zimbabwean and South African guests we’re beginning to see people across the oceans show interest in the night.

Just as with the rest of the world, anime is a large part of Zambian and African pop culture.

Just as with the rest of the world, anime is a large part of Zambian and African pop culture.

Though it’s still in it’s baby stages, Otaku Movie Night hopes to reach out to people all over the world.

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