TeleDoctor wins inaugural Awesome Foundation Lusaka micro-grant

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The Awesome Foundation Lusaka launched in last month and has awarded its first micro-
grant of 3,000 Kwacha to the most awesome idea submitted in the inaugural monthly funding round. The grant is made possible by a group of 12 Zambian and international trustees that donate their personal money.  Every month, they award the most outstanding submission agrant, no strings attached, to help propel the idea forward.

“We are really excited to be a part of the support network that is fostering innovation in Lusaka; there are so many fantastic, world-leading ideas coming out of Lusaka these days” said Mike Murray, Founder of AF Lusaka.  “We were thrilled that the decision to choose the winning idea in our first month was so difficult, I tried to narrow down the list of finalists to three but there were so many worthy ideas, I couldn’t pare it down below seven.”

The winning idea that was selected by the trustees is a mobile phone application that allows anyone in Zambia to chat directly with a doctor saving them time, travel and money, all while receiving quality health information. Teledoctor_appThe Co-Founder and COO of the Teledoctor mobile application, Sam Musariri said “Getting this grant will allow us to roll out the Teledoctor mobile appto reach more users by making the app available on all major mobile platforms. Currently, over 8 million Zambians have access to a mobile phone and that number is growing every year, this service will enable them to access medical advice early and cost-effectively, empowering them to make the best health decisions for themselves and their families.”  Mr. Musariri added that “this app means a faster and cheaper way of accessing vital health information in a country where the doctor/patient ratio is over 1:12,000 in comparison the WHO recommended ration of 1:5,000.”

The launch of the Awesome Foundation Lusaka seeks to spur ingenuity without all the typical red tape normally associated with grant applications.  Read more

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Zambia Innovation Fund Call For Proposals 2014

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DEADLINE: First Round of Submission: July 11th 2014

Introduction and Background

The Zambia Innovation Fund is jointly implemented by the Expression and Engagement programme; Governance and Human Rights programme of Hivos Foundation and Free Press Unlimited media programme.

Hivos_e465b16987066870bbf8ad64be379680Hivos is a Dutch non-governmental organization whose work is based on humanist values, that wants to contribute to a free, fair and sustainable world where citizens, women and men, have equal access to resources, opportunities and markets and can participate actively and equally in decision-making processes that determine their lives, their society and their future. Hivos’ basic commitment is to the poor and marginalized people – and their organizations. A sustainable improvement of their situation is the ultimate benchmark for the work and efforts of Hivos. The empowerment of women in order to achieve gender equality is a primary directive in Hivos’ policy.

To that end Hivos offers financial and technical support to civil society organizations and initiatives that share Hivos’ goals. The organizations that Hivos supports cover a broad scope with respect to both substance and size, ranging from grassroots organizations to intermediary organizations. In addition to funding, Hivos is networking, lobbying and sharing knowledge in the international arena. Hivos specializes in two main policy domains i.e. civil society building and economy and sustainable development. In these domains the following sectors are supported: Green Entrepreneurship, Rights and Citizenship and Expression and Engagement

In Southern Africa Hivos’ Regional Head Office is based in Harare Zimbabwe, but programme in four countries in the region, i.e. Zambia, Malawi, South Africa and Zimbabwe.

Free Press Unlimited Free Press Unlimited is a Dutch Media development organisation that is active globally in about 40 countries among which also Zambia. Free Press Unlimited works to ensure that reliable news and information are and remain available to people across the globe. Particularly people in countries where there is little to no press freedom.

By supporting local media professionals and journalists, Free Press Unlimited helps to enable as many people as possible to gain and keep access to the information they require to survive and develop. Free Press Unlimited focuses on strengthening the capacity of local media professionals and media organisations. Together with these partners, we create room for people to speak freely, debate social issues and find out what is going on in their immediate environment.

Free Press Unlimited is a partner in the Expression and Engagement programme, which is one of the components of the People Unlimited 4.1 alliance headed by Hivos. Read more

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Meet the team from | July 1st

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Bongohive will be hosting the Mauritius-based accommodation marketplace for a meet & greet July 1st from 18:00 - 19:30 hrs. To attend, please register here. started on a small Indian ocean island off the coast of Kenya and is now building communities of accommodation hosts in some of Africa’s largest metropolises. “From castles in Kenya to houseboats in Zimbabwe, SleepOut is a truly unique and made-in-Africa product. 

Assleepout_team_manga part of the “Zanzibar to Lagos African Tour,” Johann Jenson (CEO), Paul Schwarz (CTO) and Ayako Bertolli (Head of Photography) will be speaking at the BongoHive. The 45-minute talk will cover a broad range of topics. SleepOut’s Johann Jenson will introduce the concept of the sharing economy followed by an overview of the company’s origins, their expansion across the continent and how they overcame payments, logistics and engineering challenges. A 15-minute question and answer session will follow the presentation.

Johann told BongoHive that they’re very much looking forward to meeting with tech community and sleepout_marketing_teamphotopotential partners in Lusaka. “In September 2011, SleepOut (known at the time as built its first user-base on Lamu – an island of 4,000 donkeys and 20,000 inhabitants. By September 2013, was available in 5 countries. Today, the team works with hosts in 56 countries and counting. With impressive growth in the tourism sector, Zambia is also slated to become one of our top destinations.” Read more

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