Fostering Sustainable Development: EU4MULIMI & BongoHive Consult Lead the Way

In a world profoundly impacted by the repercussions of climate change, the imperative to promote sustainable development has grown more pressing than ever. It is an urgent call to action that resonates across borders and industries.

On October 3rd, the European Union in Zambia, through the EU4MULIMI Project, partnered with BongoHive to host a World Café style discussion on Sustainable Development at Lusaka Legacy Resort. 

Stakeholders from various sectors, including government officials, members of civil society, and private sector representatives, congregated at the Legacy Lodge for the “World Café on Sustainable Development.” This event was a significant step towards initiating a meaningful dialogue on Zambia’s Green Transition and catalyzing action towards a more sustainable and equitable future. 

The event revolved around four core themes:

  1. Agri-food systems
  2. Food Security and Sustainable Consumption
  3. Protection of Ecosystems and Climate-Resilient Economy
  4. Clean Energy and Infrastructure, and Leapfrogging: Investing in the Future

Over 40 participants actively engaged in discussions and exercises, bringing valuable insights to the forefront. These insights served as the foundation for a more extensive High-Level Panel Discussion scheduled for October 5th.

On October 5th, the European Union, in collaboration with the Ministry of Green Economy and Environment, hosted a High-Level Panel Discussion on Zambia’s Green Growth. The event, expertly facilitated by BongoHive Consult, Director of Entrepreneurship, Simunza Muyangana, brought together key figures in the field.

The panel featured:

– Mr. Ephraim Mwepya Shitima, Director of Green Economy and Climate Change, Ministry of Green Economy.

– Mr. Matthias Reusing, EU Councilor/Team Leader – Green Deal, Rural Development and Trade Section.

The discussion delved into the trends, opportunities, and barriers that Zambia faces in its pursuit of sustainable green development, especially in light of the upcoming Conference of Parties to the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (COP28). Crucially, this High-Level Panel Discussion was inspired by the insights, proposals, and concerns generated during the World Café discussion on October 3. 

The format employed was the “fishbowl” setup, which allowed climate change experts and members of the media to interact and engage deeply on climate change issues, further promoting dialogue on Zambia’s Green Transition and catalyzing action towards a more sustainable and equitable future.

The climate change experts who participated in this enlightening debate included:

– Dr. Katati, Executive Director at the Zambia Institute of Environmental Management (ZIEM).

– Dr. Kalaluka Munyinda, Senior Lecturer at The University of Zambia – UNZA.

– Professor Felix Kalaba, Dean at The Copperbelt University School of Natural Resources/Forest.

– Mrs. Muma Ngambi, Sustainable Industries Associate at Prospero Limited.

Climate change is a paramount concern for EU-Africa cooperation. Collaborative efforts such as those exhibited in these events underscore the shared commitment towards climate action and green growth in Zambia. The partnership between the European Union and local stakeholders highlights the importance of collective efforts in fostering a sustainable and resilient future.

BongoHive Consult’s Innovation Unit remains dedicated to driving projects that catalyze meaningful change. To join us in our mission to foster innovation, sustainable development, and climate resilience, we encourage you to engage with us. Together, we can create a more sustainable and equitable future for Zambia and the world.