5 Ways To Use Technology Productively.

It is undoubtedly true that technology has made life easier and faster. Modern technologies have paved ways for organisations to increase productivity and ultimately achieve their business goals. Technologies like cloud computing, business communication tools,  project management software and many others, have created opportunities for organisations to streamline their workflow and drastically improve operations. However, adopting new technology in your organisation can come with risks and benefits. 

So how do you ensure that the technology you are using is appropriate and driving growth?

Here are 5 things to consider.

Identify The Need For Tech

From the onset, set clear goals on what you are hoping to achieve from the technology that you want to adopt.  Are you looking to serve customers faster and better? Or do you want to improve your business operations? Ultimately, what are you hoping the technology can do for you? To answer these questions, identify areas in your organisation where tech will solve problems internally and externally (your customers). For example, if your business keeps suffering the loss of data caused by a mechanical malfunction or physical damage to devices, cloud computing is your solution. In the case of any data loss, you can retrieve it effortlessly from the cloud, minimizing downtime and loss of productivity.

Use The Right Technology

Now that you have identified a need for tech in any area of your business, not just any technology will be right for you. Your choice of technology should be one that won’t get outdated easily and grows with your business. Be sure to purchase technology that is sustainable and won’t leave you with the burden of selling or giving away tech equipment because it’s no longer useful. Research on what products other businesses are using and their experiences with it. This will inform your decision on whether you would like to adopt a particular technology or not.

Review Your Options

Many technologies promise to do the extraordinary for your business and you might get trapped in a tech product that isn’t helping your business grow or improve productivity. As you review your tech options, here are some of the choices to consider:

  • Costs: Will your business manage to keep up with the costs of the technology in the long run? 
  • Features: What extra value does the technology offer compared to similar ones?
  • Credibility: What are the reviews about the technology? What other companies are using the solution?
  • Adaptability: How flexible is the technology to grow and evolve with your company?

Finding answers to the above questions will help you adopt the right technology that suits your business needs.

Get Support and Training

Ensure that you have qualified people to help with the technological needs of your business such as upgrades, installation or troubleshooting. If you do not have an IT department, you can outsource the services of a Chief Technology Officer to handle such tasks for you. Most importantly, your staff should be able to use the tech confidently and for its intended purposes. Ensure that your staff are adequately trained on how to use a particular technology and create an environment where they can freely ask for extra training whenever a need arises.

Automate What You Can

Workflow Automation is a technology that automates tasks. This self-operating technology automates repetitive and manual processes, therefore, saving time and reducing error. When some tasks are automated, productivity increases because employees have enough time to work on key organisational tasks that help the business to grow. As their output goes up, so does the business revenue. Workflow automation facilitates a smooth workflow, allowing your team to do their jobs better and faster. You can automate leave requests, help desk support, creating tasks, generating invoices and many other tedious manual processes.

If you need help identifying a technology gap, choosing the right technology and implementing it, our experienced tech team can help you meet your tech needs. Talk to us.