A Deep Dive into BongoHive Consult’s Entrepreneurship Unit

At the heart of BongoHive’s Consult core structure lie three vital units: The Innovation Unit, the Consult Tech Unit, and the Entrepreneurship Unit.

Through the seamless collaboration of its innovation, technology, and entrepreneurship divisions, BongoHive Consult is dedicated to nurturing innovation, igniting transformative change, and nurturing progress. In this article, we discover and explore the work of BongoHive Consult’s Entrepreneurship Support Unit, drawing on an insightful discussion with Kabwela Maluphande, Manager – Entrepreneurship Programs.

Kabwela begins by clearly highlighting the pivotal role played by the Entrepreneurship Support Unit.

“Our unit provides an essential structure to tech enthusiasts and budding entrepreneurs, guiding them through the intricate process of transforming their ideas into viable businesses, products, or services,” he articulates.

The Entrepreneurship Manager highlights that the unit meticulously works with startups at various stages of their development through a carefully designed three-tiered support system.

“Imagine having a roadmap from idea to reality, from thought to business. That’s where the Entrepreneurship Support Unit shines. We’re here to guide tech enthusiasts and aspiring entrepreneurs in turning their ideas into thriving businesses,” Kabwela explains.

Kabwela highlighted the significance of swift idea testing in the critical early stage, stressing the importance of ensuring that the idea aligns with real-world needs for validation. He emphasized that entrepreneurs are empowered to quickly validate their ideas, ensuring they effectively address authentic problems. As startups progress from the early stage to the growth stage, the unit becomes actively involved in furnishing vital assistance for initiating programs and constructing a strong groundwork for future expansion.

According to Kabwela, collaboration maintains its position as a fundamental aspect of the unit’s approach.

He pointed out, “Some of the achievements we’ve accomplished throughout the years wouldn’t have been possible without partnerships.”

The collaboration involves various entities including the government, other hubs, and development partners, allowing BongoHive Consult to deliver comprehensive and pertinent support to startups. This collaborative mindset extends beyond mere guidance and establishes an atmosphere where startups obtain feedback from fellow entrepreneurs, thereby refining their concepts.

A central strategy of the Entrepreneurship Support Unit involves addressing underserved markets. Kabwela aptly summarized this approach:

“Underserved markets, just represent opportunity, by recognizing the untapped potential in these markets and nurturing startups with the appetite to address such challenges, the unit plays a pivotal role in driving innovation where it’s needed most.’’

The entrepreneurship team leverages key indicators, such as customer growth or increased market share as a measure of the startup’s success. Kabwela highlights that the focus remains on building sustainable businesses that can thrive in the long term whilst building viable solutions that change the world. The concept of disruption intertwines with innovation, and the entrepreneurship unit encourages startups to challenge established norms Kabwela’s enthusiasm for this disruption is palpable:

“Disruptive innovation gets me fired and excited because it means we are disrupting systems that already established ways of working and thinking”

Green Giraffe, a female-founded startup, stands as a testament to the impactful work carried out by BongoHive Consult’s Entrepreneurship Unit. The startup embarked on its journey by participating in an Ideation program called AICCRA Internship and Innovation Grant (I2G).

This collaborative effort focused on nurturing innovations that promote climate-smart agriculture and climate Smart Information Services. Through this initiative, Green Giraffe successfully launched its business and established an online platform. Further, the startup’s growth trajectory continued to grow as it became part of another of BongoHive’s Entrepreneurship Incubation programs in partnership with Standard Chartered Bank called the Standard Chartered Women in Tech Incubator Programme.

The Incubation program proved instrumental in Green Giraffe’s development, enabling them to refine crucial aspects of their business. With access to coaching, guidance in formulating business and financial models, and preparation for engaging with investors, Green Giraffe has been empowered to take meaningful strides forward.

The startup has also benefited from pro bono legal and advisory services, ensuring a solid foundation for its operations. The integration of human-centred design coaching further enhanced their ability to craft lean and impactful products.
Additionally, the impact of BongoHive’s Entrepreneurship Support Unit extends beyond individual startups to encompass fin-tech companies like Premier Credit.

Premier Credit, an international financial technology company focusing on online microlending and investment platforms in emerging markets, found a valuable avenue for growth within the BongoHive ecosystem. Through initiatives like the FinTech4U Accelerator whose goal was to nurture Zambian FinTechs with innovative digital financial products and services; the program aligned perfectly with Premier Credit’s aspirations, positioning them for success in the dynamic landscape of tech and entrepreneurship with global impact.

Premier Credit experienced the structured, collaborative, and commitment-driven approach that defines BongoHive’s Entrepreneurship programs. This symbiotic relationship between BongoHive and startups like Premier Credit exemplifies the foundation being laid for the flourishing of African start-ups.

Green Giraffe and Premier Credit stand as remarkable examples of the transformative impact of BongoHive Consult’s Entrepreneurship Unit. BongoHive is paving the way for a future where African startups not only thrive but also leave an indelible mark on the global stage.


If your organization seeks to embark on a journey of growth, innovation, and sustainable impact, consider partnering with BongoHive Consult. Our proven track record of guiding startups from ideation to execution, coupled with our extensive network of resources and experts, makes them valuable allies on your entrepreneurial journey.

Whether you’re a budding startup with a groundbreaking idea or an established entity looking to foster innovation, BongoHive Consult offers the expertise and support needed to navigate the ever-evolving realm of technology and entrepreneurship.

Join hands with BongoHive Consult and contribute to the cultivation of a vibrant ecosystem where ideas flourish and startups thrive.