Charting Innovation Horizons: A Year of Diversity, Collaboration, and Inclusive Solutions with BongoHive Consult Innovation Unit

As we reflect on the closing chapters of the year, the BongoHive Innovation Unit emerges as a beacon of innovation, navigating the ever-evolving landscape with agility and purpose.

In an insightful interview with Dorus Silwilzya, our Innovation Associate at BongoHive Consult, we gain a glimpse into the unit’s dynamic journey, from diversification to global collaborations all through to their unwavering commitment to inclusive innovation.

  • Sector Agnostic Approach

The past year has witnessed a transformative evolution for the BongoHive Innovation Unit, marked by a strategic diversification of programs. 

From venturing into Green Tech and Smart Cities programmes to exploring the challenges and possibilities of the health sector and the built environment; the team has demonstrated a commitment to addressing a diverse range of challenges from various sectors.

Notably, initiatives such as the collaboration with The Association of Consulting Engineers in Zambia for women in the Built Environment to host a design thinking workshop underscores the unit’s dedication to making a meaningful impact across various sectors.

Embracing design thinking methodologies, the unit collaborated with female engineers, encouraging them to leverage human-centered design in their work. This not only addressed gender disparities, but also promoted inclusivity, safety, and improved quality of life.

Inclusivity takes center stage in BongoHive Innovation’s narrative, as they actively tailor their offerings to be accessible to individuals from diverse backgrounds. The unit’s dedication to promoting diversity and inclusion is evident in its efforts to make innovation services available for all.

  • Collaborative Process

The  Unit’s collaborative ethos fosters cross-functional collaborations within the organisation. This approach ensures that the services offered are informed and holistic, involving multiple teams to enhance the quality and effectiveness of their programs. 

On the client side, close collaboration has resulted in the creation of solutions aligned with real-world needs, building a loyal customer base and increasing customer satisfaction.

In their pursuit of innovation, the team at BongoHive  Consult has embraced continuous learning and adaptation. 

Dorus emphasises their willingness to iterate programs and strategies based on feedback, needs, and industry trends. This commitment positions them at the forefront of evolving practices, ensuring that their approach remains dynamic and responsive.

A key aspect of their success lies in deliberate efforts to foster creativity. Through in-house brainstorming sessions, the team explores new solutions and approaches, unlocking growth and creative ideas.

Maintaining a user-centered approach, the Innovation Unit prioritizes empathy and research employing techniques like user personas and journey mapping.

Feedback channels such as baseline and satisfaction surveys, play a crucial role in understanding and addressing the unique needs of clients and end-users.

Looking ahead, the BongoHive Innovation Unit envisions creating new revenue streams by identifying innovative solutions and improving customer experience. 

The unit aims to actively approach organisations with innovation departments, fostering collaborations that contribute to increased sustainability.

Further, continuous internal reviews and goal-setting sessions ensure the unit remains aligned with its objectives and adapts to emerging opportunities.

As the year concludes, the Innovation Unit stands as a testament to the power of innovation, collaboration, and adaptability. Their journey echoes a commitment to inclusivity, a global perspective, and a relentless pursuit of solutions that make a real-world impact.

For organisations considering collaboration, BongoHive  Consult offers Innovation Consulting services that are rooted in partnership and understanding clients’ needs.

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