Digilogic Capacity Building Programme

The DIGILOGIC project is accepting applications to participate in a Capacity Building programme. The project, which is an international partnership between European and African innovation hubs,  aims to boost cooperation and partnership through the support of innovators, startups and SMEs to jointly develop smart logistics solutions.

The Capacity Building Programme is an inclusive digital and entrepreneurship programme that is targeting participants spread across 5 countries in Africa namely Zambia, Ghana, Nigeria, South Africa, and Kenya. The programme will be delivered through hybrid and virtual methods. 

For four weeks BongoHive (Zambia) and MEST(Ghana) will train youth aged between 18 – 35 to build their digital  and entrepreneurship skills, in order to boost their employment opportunities or develop their business models. The participants will have the opportunity to design a solution for a real-life case study for a logistics company.

Young people aged between 18 to 35 who have been unemployed for at least 3 months in the countries listed above are invited to apply for the four week programme. The ideal candidates should have an interest in the areas of business, technology and entrepreneurship, and display a willingness to up-skill and re-skill themselves. 

As part of the application process, each applicant will be required to complete a pre-learning course on Design Thinking.

Applications for the DIGILOGIC Capacity Building programme close on Wednesday, 26th October 2022.

We encourage female aspirants to apply.