Hackers in Residence Program

Group photo of HIR( Dufuna)participants along with HIR (Microverse)participants.

Bongohive Consult leverages technology to create solutions and to provide platforms for people to explore opportunities that lie in the world of tech and innovation. An important aspect of this is ensuring that we equip people with the right skills for them to make products and services that solve real issues in the business world and beyond.

BongoHive Consult is proud to have partnered with Double GDP, Nkwashi and Dufuna  to facilitate The Coding academy and the Hackers in Residence (HIR) which hosted a cohort of fifteen ambitious  entrepreneurial engineers at the Nkwashi site in Lusaka.

The program was launched to train participants by providing a platform for them to learn virtual software development and appropriate job skills. It was structured to help them find work and support them as they learn to contribute to a global workforce. 

The training provided a 6 month curriculum facilitated by Dufuna where students learned remotely. During the period of study they were introduced to holistic sessions on topics such as financial literacy, CV building and Resume writing workshop, conflict resolution, crisis management and problem solving to name a few. 

They were further provided with housing, supplies and a living stipend for them to study and learn effectively.

One of the hackers in residence at the site, Mwansa Mwansa describes the stay as ‘challenging, worthwhile and amazing.’ She reveals that apart from software development the programme also allowed her to learn soft skills such as communication skills.

Mwansa Mwansa: HIR Participant


Parity Chizela, another beneficiary of the programme reveals,

‘I have learnt a lot to do with user experience research and design which has taught me about processes that I did not know have to be put in place before designing any digital product.’

Parity Chizela: HIR Participant


What was our Role?

BongoHive Consult worked in collaboration with Dufuna to implement remote coding training for students resident at Nkwashi in Lusaka. We also provided programme support, hackathons as well as promotion of the program within its community. BongoHive also provided support with program promotion on various platforms, recruitment of participants and the provision of Hardware vendor support. 

Hackers in Residence (HIR) Coding Academy was an agreement between BongoHive Consult and DoubleGDP for the purpose of programme design, development and support. 

The collaboration among Double GDP, Nkwashi, Dufuna and BongoHive provided housing at Nkwashi that had:

  • Internet connection that meets minimum requirements
  • Stable power supply 24/7 that optimised learning
  • Provide a $200 monthly food and living stipend for student residents that were accepted on to the program in 2022.

Our Partners

Dufuna is a for-profit, social impact enterprise that trains ambitious and disciplined Africans with digital skills. Their processes, methods and technologies equip scholars to become highly-employable technology professionals.

Double GDP is an end-to-end platform for planned communities to connect with residents, accelerate growth, and deliver responsive public services.

Nkwashi is a planned housing unit offering modern state of the art real estate services. It is a satellite town designed to function as a fully self-contained and modern city.


At BongHive Consult, we exist to solve challenges. 

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