Author: Kateule Nakazwe

Call for guest bloggers

Do you have a fresh, interesting perspective on IT, business and technology and innovation in Zambia? BongoHive is looking for guest bloggers who want to offer their insight on the latest news in technology and innovation in the Zambian tech …

Lusaka Social Good Summit

If you followed our activities last week, you’ll remember that the first thing to keep us busy was the Social Good Summit on Monday. The Social Good Summit is an annual event that was pioneered by UNF, Mashable and the …

Game Dev Weekend

Over the weekend BongoHive hosted the first ever Game Dev Weekend which was put together to introduce the process of game development to our guests from concept to publishing and also introduce absolute beginners to programming through the creation of …

Introducing BongoHive Cloud


BongoHive in collaboration with Seven Seas Technologies is implementing the “Bongohive Cloud”. A project that will see local startups and tech savvy individuals at Bongohive host their apps and software without worrying about space and only concentrate on building apps.