BongoHive, Ubuntu AI Community, and ZICTA Launch AI Survey in Zambia

Lusaka, Zambia — Tuesday, 21 May 2024 — BongoHive, in collaboration with Ubuntu AI Community and the Zambia Information and Communications Technology Authority (ZICTA), today announced the initiation of a significant survey aimed at evaluating the landscape of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Zambia. This initiative aims to establish the nature and extent of the adoption of AI in Zambia and how the country can better position itself to leverage on AI technologies within Zambia’s unique context to drive economic growth and productivity improvements. 

Amidst forecasts of a global GDP increase of $7 trillion due to AI, Zambia like many other developing countries, stands the risk of losing out on this important opportunity if not better prepared. This survey represents a pivotal effort to customise AI solutions to cater to local needs and ensure Zambia keeps pace with global developments. 

Objective of the Survey 

This comprehensive survey intends to chart a course for AI development in Zambia by gathering data on AI’s current usage and its potential expansion across diverse sectors. Stakeholders from diverse private enterprises including SMEs, public institutions, and experts from academia, as well as development partners, will be engaged to contribute to a robust public report outlining strategic recommendations for AI implementation in the country. 

Strategic Collaboration and Quotes 

“The collaboration for this AI survey is crucial for integrating AI in ways that truly benefit our community,” said Lukonga Lindunda, Executive Director at BongoHive. 

“This survey is foundational in shaping a sustainable and inclusive AI strategy for Zambia,” Pendo Manjele, Co-founder at Ubuntu AI Community. 

“This survey will provide evidence-based insights on how the country can better position itself to fully leverage on the benefits of AI as well as address any eminent challenges that may be identified,” added Bernard Banda, [Director – Economic Regulation and Consumer Protection at ZICTA.

Survey Methodology 

The online survey targets 800 participants, aiming to gather diverse insights to steer AI policies and development efforts effectively. The respondents will be a combination of private firms, public entities, development partners, and experts among others to ensure a comprehensive assessment. 

The results from this survey are expected to guide critical AI adoption strategies, fostering innovation and addressing socio-economic challenges. It marks a step towards creating a resilient framework for AI in Zambia. 

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About BongoHive 

BongoHive is a Technology and Innovation hub that provides a range of startup and tech programs by co-creating sustainable solutions through Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Technology. BongoHive runs programs that guide startups through the entrepreneurial journey; from idea right through to scale. The BongoHive Group also includes BongoHive Consult, a digital transformation and innovation consulting firm. 

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About Ubuntu AI Community 

The Ubuntu AI Community is a collaborative effort to foster AI development and education in Zambia, bringing together experts, enthusiasts, and newbies to explore the potential of AI technology. 

About ZICTA 

The Zambia Information and Communications Technology Authority (ZICTA) is a statutory body established under the Information and Communication Technologies Act No. 15 of 2009 to regulate the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) sector. ZICTA is also responsible for the regulation of the Postal and Courier Services sector as well as providing oversight on Cyber Security in the country.

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